Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BING - Bing Is Not Google

Bing Is Not Google.

This may be un/official full-form of BING. But it’s true. This is more pronounced after the improved Google's algorithm of identifying and highlighting synonyms. Google is introducing a bit of artificial intelligence to make itself as intelligent as at least a 6 year old child. Now it can understand that pictures & photos mean the same. It can also relate the popular abbreviations & highlight its full-form. It can also understand the context of a search query. It’s a small but remarkable step towards making the web intelligent. A significant step leading to the innovative contextual search from today's keyword search. I must confess I am impressed by the quality of Google’s new synonym search. I did a comparative study of Bing & Google with the following search queries. Undoubtedly the Google search quality has set a new benchmark for Bing and others. Perhaps that’s the reason very few web users think of Google vs. Bing as there’s no such comparison, Google is far ahead of Bing.

Google vs. Bing Based on same Search Queries:

      1. s/w update bb
      Any human being with an average intelligence can understand that the query s/w update bb means software updates Blackberry. Following was the search result of BING. Here out of 10 results displayed at first page only one was a bit relevant.

 Observe the following screen-shot to see how Google Synonym & contextual search is working together for the above query. 10 out of 10 results are relevant.
  • It has bolded (highlighted) software for s/w.
  • It has bolded Blackberry for BB.
This is how Google synonyms is working. How the contextual search is working? BB can mean Blackberry but sometimes few fitness freaks use it for Bodybuilding as well. Google has intelligently analyzed the word BB with s/w to understand that by BB the user means Blackberry and not Bodybuilding.

      2.Few other search queries you may find interesting:
    * Song words (Lyrics is highlighted as a synonym of words)
    * Bank a/c (Account is highlighted)
    * Cool a/c (Air conditioning is highlighted)
    * Cloud s/w (Software is highlighted)
    * PM India (Prime Minister is highlighted)

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