Sunday, September 5, 2010

Microsoft launches Visual Studio LightSwitch

Visual Studio LightSwitch, a new addition to the Visual Studio family, helps you to create business class application for Cloud as well as Desktop. With LightSwitch you can create custom applications for the way you do business.

LightSwitch provides a variety of pre-built templates and tools to build business applications that target Windows Client or Windows Azure using as much or as little code as you want to write.

You can build forms from existing templates and populate them with data from data sources including SQL Server, SQL Azure, SharePoint, and others. There is integrated support for working with Microsoft Office for tasks such as exporting data to Excel without having to write code.

Microsoft says that LightSwitch dramatically decreases the time it takes to build a custom application by automatically handling routine code; it’s a rapid application development tool that offers application shells and screen templates to allow the developer to concentrate on the core business logic.

Image Source : MSDN

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